Thank you to read my terms of use ! Lire les conditions en franšais ICI 

Important : For  any social sites users as LiveJournal, Facebook etc ... always contact the original artists who drew lines or colored tubes, to know if you are allowed to use their items. ** LIST HERE **

TUBES. You can use them to make siggies, websets, Stationneries, premades, adoptions. You can offer or sell your FINISHED RESULT

My tubes can NOT be recolored, resized, or cropped.

Do not share them with friends. You cannot sell or offer them  " as tubes ! "

A linkback to is mandatory on each pages where are your graphics made with my tubes


AS IS Tubes. Same terms Do not redistribute them. END USE only

You must give credit to the author which created these tubes AND to Pixels Street  which gives you them.

AS IS Lines. Respect terms of use of each author of lines set ! END USE ONLY

You must give credit to the author which created these Lines AND to Pixels Street  which gives you them


OUTLINES BY THALIE. Always give credit to THALIE from Pixels Street

Once you have coloured the Outlines, you can make websets, tubes, AS IS tubes, sigtags, Stationneries etc ...

You can sale or offer your finished results in your members's area

If you made AS IS tubes, your members will be able to download and use them to make websets, siggies, adoptions, IM letters  etc ...

Your members MUST give credit to Thalie from Pixels Street

You CANNOT offer these outlines as outlines on your own site

BLANK SIGTAGS Always Linkback to Pixels Street.



Credit Lady Lony